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Goniatites (Ancestrial Ammonites):

Goniatite; Devonian, Morocco


Baculites claviformis; Cretaceous, New Jersey
Baculites ovatus; Cretaceous, New Jersey
Dactylioceras commune; Jurassic, England
Discoscaphites nebrascensis; Cretaceous, South Dakota
Douvilleiceras sp.; Cretaceous, Madagascar
Engonoceras stolleyi; Cretaceous, Texas
Mammites sp.; Cretaceous, Madagascar
Mortinoceras sp.; Cretaceous, Texas
Nodicoeloceras choffati; Jurassic, Italy
Orthospinctes sp.; Jurassic, Madagascar
Oxytropidoceras powelli; Cretaceous, Texas
Pavlovia iatriensis; Jurassic, Russia
Perisphinctes (Dichotomosphintes) sp.; Jurassic, Madagascar
Perisphinctes (Otosphinctes) sp.; Jurassic, Madagascar
Phylloceras sp.; Jurassic, Madagascar
Prolyelliceras sp.; Cretaceous, Peru
Pulchellia cf. provincialis; Cretaceous, France
Spenodiscus pleurisepta; Cretaceous, South Dakota
Trachyscaphites sp; Cretaceous, Texas

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